About Us


Thank you for considering True Handyman for your project needs.

I'll start with a quick introduction about how we got started, which will hopefully provide some insight into our culture. I have been around construction since I can remember. My great grandfather was a master mason and I would "help" my Grandfather as he built his own home and barns on their farm. When I was old enough to work, I took construction jobs during my summers. After graduating from Radford University, I started a 19-year career in the insurance industry. During that time, my wife and I purchased two investment properties which I remodeled on the weekends while still working full time.

In 2013, I received a severance package from the corporate world which resulted in an unexpected and much-needed time for soul searching. During this time, my mother-in-law told her local neighbors "My son can fix anything!" I quickly received my first "handyman" call to do some drywall work. At the end of that job, I felt more a satisfaction I never experienced in the corporate world. In that moment, I decided to explore the option of starting a handyman business. That decision turned out to be one of the best I have ever made.

It's been over four years now, and we've grown from being owner-operated to having several sub-contracted technicians servicing roughly 600 customers. At this point, we are intentionally controlling growth so we can maintain our culture. Our goal is very simple: MAKE SURE THE CUSTOMER IS HAPPY AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE.

Thank you for reading. We hope to earn your business and work with you on your home and business projects for years to come!

Jason Bond, Owner
True Handyman, LLC