$$$ Money Saving Tips $$$

Here are some money saving recommendations for your home projects

Flexible Billing:

True Handyman, LLC billing options allow customers to maximize their home repair investment. Our default billing method is by the hour plus materials. To get the most value for your dollar, we recommend combining projects when possible.


    • First hour/minimum:  $98
    • Hours 2-8:  $87
    •  $79 / hour


  • When jobs are out of our current service area or require a specialized contractor for your needs, we will recommend trusted contractors we have built relationships with.  For those jobs, their rates would apply.​​ 
  • Routine home maintenance schedules are available online and can help catch small problems before they become major projects. Free automated calendars can be found on There are many printable versions online as well
  • Water is your home’s worst enemy. Save hundreds of dollars by making sure your roof and paint are in good shape. I offer cost effective routine maintenance programs to suit your home’s needs.
  • Get second opinions if a service provider wants to replace an expensive item. It may be repairable.
  • Most service providers aren’t busy 24/7. You may be able to get a discount if you get on their “rainy day” schedule.
  • Let your service provider know if you’d like to help with a project. It could shorten the time to finish.
  • When in doubt, check them out. Avoid provider nightmares by using licensed and insured service providers that support the US and our great Commonwealth. Reputable service providers typically don’t ask for labor deposits up front. (One of my customers lost $1000 on a deposit.)
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