Our Rates

Our rates are driven by our travel time over a territory spanning 40 minutes with traffic. Financially, we determined we needed to charge customers for travel outside of our primary territory which is the 288 and 295 corridor.

In primary territory:

  • First Hour/Minimum: $138
  • Hours 2-16 / $98 per hour
  • Jobs over 16 hours/ $88 per hour

Jobs outside of 288 and 295 corridor:

  • We will work with you to determine the amount of time a round trip outside of the primary territory.
    • First hour $138 plus round trip travel outside of our territory.
      • Example: If your job is 15 miles outside of our primary territory, you would be charged an additional $30 for round trip (determined by estimator).
    • Hours 2-16 / $98/hour
    • Jobs over 16 hours/ $88 per hour
Front View Of The House
Outside Stairs With Tables
Spotless Faucet
Clean Bathroom
Polished Bathroom

Money Saving Tips

Here are some money-saving recommendations for your home projects:
  • Routine home maintenance schedules are available online and can help catch minor problems before they become major issues. Free automated calendars can be found here. There are many printable versions online as well.
  • Water is your home’s worst enemy. Save hundreds of dollars by ensuring your roof and paint are in good shape. We offer cost-effective routine maintenance programs to meet your needs.
  • Get second opinions if a service provider wants to replace an expensive item. It may be repairable.
  • Most service providers aren’t busy 24/7. You may get a discount if you get on their “rainy day” schedule.
  • Let your service provider know if you want to help with a project. It could shorten the time to finish.

Flexible Billing

True Handyman, LLC billing options allow customers to maximize their home repair investment. Our default billing method is by the hour plus materials. We recommend combining projects when possible to get the most value for your dollar.